Ensemble provides emotional support to parents, promotes family leadership, and serves as a resource to families, professionals, and government agencies.

Parent to Parent Support

Ensemble provides emotional and informational support to families to promote feelings of inclusion, acceptance, and understanding which contributes to the well-being and stability of the family. Ensemble welcomes and supports all families.

Family Leadership

Family leadership promotes each family member’s unique journey through life. True family leadership means that everyone’s voice is heard and respected:  parents, children, siblings and other family members.

Effective family leadership involves parents supporting their children to express their own identity while respecting their right to make their own decisions about how to live their life.

Ensemble recognizes that family leadership is a continuous process as families have the ability to shape and influence a positive future for their children.  Family leadership means that family members develop and share their knowledge, skills, and expertise to influence programs, supports, and community development.

The Reality:  Families Are in Need

People with developmental disabilities and their families are not receiving adequate support and services as evidenced by the growing waitlist across the province. Ontario has approximately 12,500 adults age 18 years and older waiting for funding to access services and supports. Many people who are currently receiving funding have applied for additional supports but also remain on waitlists.

There are over 500 adults with a developmental disability in the Windsor-Essex County area who are waiting for some type of support. Since 2012, when all children turning 18 were cut off from Special Services At Home (SSAH) funding, and had to reapply for Passport Funding through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), the waitlists have continued to grow, despite attempts to clear the waitlists.

Ensemble continues to advocate to the government with other family groups, self-advocates, families agencies and individuals  for a seamless source of funding when individuals turn 18.  The recent private members bill in February 2019, Noah and Gregory's bill, that was put forth by local MPP, Lisa Gretsky, attempts to address this issue and everyone was encouraged when it passed first reading.  Although a good sign, we will continue to advocate with others for seamless funding, and funding for all disabilities.

* Please visit our web links section for information on applicable supports and services for both children and adults.

Professional and Government Resource

Ensemble represents the voice of families and serves as a resource to professionals and government agencies.  Families and professionals must work collaboratively and share equally the responsibilities of decisions that affect families and the community.

Ensemble advocates on behalf of families while raising public awareness to the challenges faced by families caring for people with disabilities.  We provide education, training, and resources to help the community gain a better understanding of how best to support us.