Receiving Automatic Updates from Ensemble’s Website Using RSS Feed

What is RSS?
RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is used by computer programs to organize and distribute any website posts such as news headlines or program updates to a wide number of readers.

If you are interested in receiving Ensemble’s news releases or program updates, you don’t have to check our website regularly if you sign up for an RSS feed. RSS feeds deliver the content you want directly to you.

How does RSS help?
Website content changes and can be unpredictable, such as news or program updates. Constantly checking a website can be time consuming. Email notification of updates or changes can solve the problem; however, this can be disorganized or look like spam.

RSS is a better way to be notified of new and updated web content. An RSS program permits notifications from multiple favorite websites while presenting it in a well-organized manner distinct from email.

How does RSS work?
Special computer programs called "RSS readers or aggregators” have been developed that automatically access the RSS feeds of websites you like and organize the results for you in one place. Think of an RSS reader as a web browser for RSS content. (Web browsers are search engines like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

What information does RSS provide?
RSS feeds usually provide a very basic summary of information in a listing from newest to oldest. Each item usually has a simple title and a small description along with a link to the website page with the detailed information.

How do I use RSS feeds?

1) Using a web-based reader

A feed reader is a free web-based service that brings your selected RSS feeds from various websites to a central personalized site that you log into. Browser-based readers let you read your subscriptions from any computer similar to using a web-based email service such as Hotmail or Gmail.

2) How do I select a web-based reader?

A good choice is, a free web-based RSS reader compatible with Google Chrome web browser. It is best to use Google Chrome as a web browser instead of Internet Explorer because it is more compatible with the majority of websites-including Ensemble’s website.

3) Directions for using as your web-based reader:

1. Go to
2. Create an account
3. Add to your account listing
4. Sign into daily to get a brief glimpse of all the feeds from the sites listed in your account

How to use the Subscribe Feature
Subscribe to Ensemble’s Calendar of Events

Families can subscribe electronically to Ensemble’s calendar of events and stay connected to what is going on in the community. Below are the directions to subscribe to the calendar of events:

1) Visit Ensemble at

2) Click on the News & Events Tab and select Events from the drop down menu

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Subscribe or the Google +
depending on which electronic calendar you use

Subscribe: is for personal electronic calendars such as Ical (standard electronic calendar), Outlook, and other electronic calendars.

Google+: is for Gmail’s electronic calendar by Google

4) Once you click the subscribe button, you will be prompted to launch the
application, click launch. Your electronic calendar will appear and you will be
asked if you want to subscribe to the calendar and add updates, select yes.

If you have a Gmail account, click the Google+ button and you will be asked to
sign into your Gmail account. You will be asked if you want to add this to your
calendar.Click yes.