Personal Experience with the DSO (Developmental Services Ontario) Interview

We just had the first DSO interview for my brother yesterday, and what a range of emotions that brings up! We haven't done it up to this point, as he is of the era when SSAH funding was seamless and was then grandfathered, but to increase funding for him, and make plans for the future with an aging parent, it was time. Anyone else find it it an emotional experience? I assume so, but wow. I cant imagine the second interview, as it is even more detailed in scope then the first.
To all of you who have gone through it as parents, you have my utmost respect, as that is one difficult and emotional process! My kids are still minors, so we aren't there yet (and likely won't, with their type of autism), but even transition planning for high school was difficult last week, but this process is much more so!
We spend so much time being so positive about what our family members can do, and yet to access funding we have to emphasis all they can't do. I understand the logic and reasoning why, it still doesn't change the fact that it is not a pleasant process to go through (even though our DSO workers were very good!).

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