Parents need to know that our parent consultants understand their experiences so that is why all our parent consultants have a child with a disability.

Kelly Runnalls

Kelly's life has been surrounded by disability since she was a young child when her younger brother was born with epilepsy and an intellectual disability. She grew up observing her parents struggle for a diagnosis, advocate for him and support him, which has continued into his adult years. Even as he has reached adulthood, they continued to advocate for him as barriers to meaningful employment and social activities continue. Despite the barriers and adversity he has faced in life, her brother is doing very well and enjoying his life. Kelly has often heard her parents say that having a child with a disability is initially a grieving process as you have to mourn the child you thought you would have. Once you do, you are able to embrace the child you do have. For her family, that has certainly been true. Kelly is also the parent of five, two of whom have autism and two who have learning disabilities. Kelly has an educational background including a Masters of Art in Social Sciences along with a Bachelors of Education.