Ontario Government Invests $810 Million To End Wait Lists for Developmental Services

Eliminating Wait Lists for Developmental Services
Government Improving Access For 21,000 People With Developmental Disabilities
April 11, 2014 9:35 a.m.

Ontario plans to eliminate wait lists for direct funding for 21,000 people with developmental disabilities. As part of the government's vision for the transformation of developmental services, the province would eliminate the current waitlist for the Special Services at Home program for
children in two years and the Passport program for adults in four years.
These programs provide direct funding for people with developmental disabilities, allowing them and their families to customize their services and supports to best meet their individual needs. In addition to eliminating waitlists for direct support, this investment would:
• Provide support for urgent residential needs for approximately 1,400 people

• Support young adults as they navigate key life transitions such as going to school or getting a job
• Promote community living partnerships through expanded Host Family and Supported Independent Living programs
• Provide more funding for agencies and front-line workers in the community services sector
• Promote innovation and cost-efficiency so that costs savings can be re-invested into improving services
Eliminating wait lists for people with developmental disabilities is part of the government's economic plan that is creating jobs for today and tomorrow by focusing on Ontario's greatest strengths - its people and strategic partnerships.

" Our vision for developmental services in Ontario sees people with developmental disabilities participating as fully as possible in their communities. Direct funding is an important part of the support that people and families need to achieve the goal of inclusion."
- Ted McMeekin , Minister of Community and Social Services

" Supporting all Ontarians to live independently and reach their full potential is a cornerstone of our commitment to promoting a fair and prosperous society. These proposed investments are crucial to making Ontario a better place to live."
- Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance

• The government is proposing an $810 million investment over the next three years, the largest ever funding increase to the developmental services system in Ontario.
• There are an estimated 62,000 adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario; more than 15,000 are supported through the Passport direct funding program.
• An estimated 28,000 children with developmental disabilities live in Ontario; the Special Services at Home program currently serves more than 12,500.
• Ontario currently invests more than $1.7 billion in developmental services, a 63 per cent increase since 2003. The proposed additional funding would increase that to more than $2 billion by 2016-17.
• Approximately 18,000 people with a developmental disability receive residential supports in the community.

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