New Year – New You! — let’s not forget to give ourselves the care we need and deserve

Dear Families,

The past year of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges and change for everyone, and for families and caregivers of those with intellectual disabilities, likely even more so. Many families have lost support workers, respite workers, day programs for our loved ones, school for younger family members, all the while, maintaining work and family responsibilities, while taking on the herculean task of becoming the sole support, teacher, etc., for our family members.    The Ensemble Advisory Committee has been reaching out over the New Year to touch base with all our families.Families are resilient but often we need access to outside resources to get us beyond stumbling blocks: COVID 19.

 There are many resources in our community that we wanted to make you aware of, or remind you of, and encourage you to reach out if you need help.  All the resources listed are providing services during COVID-19. 

Family Services Windsor-Essex,, 519-966-5010 or 1-888-933-1831 (24/7 phone service)

Windsor Essex Counselling Support Line,, 519-946-3277 or 1-877-451-1055 (24/7 phone service)

Canada Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex, Pandemic Response Therapist,, 519-973-4435

Community Crisis Centre,, 519-973-4435

Windsor-Essex Community Health Services,, 519-285-6002 (main office), there are other offices throughout Windsor-Essex please see the list at the bottom of the WECHC website.

Ontario Caregiver Hotline for 24/7-hour support,, 1-833-416-2273

And if you ever just need to talk with another family member who “lives the life” just as you do, please feel free to reach out to Ensemble.  Our dedicated volunteer family members of Rubina, Lois and Marilyn and family consultant, Kelly, would gladly speak with you as we support one another through these unprecedented times, as we are indeed in this “together”, “Ensemble”.  

Rubina, Lois, Marilyn, and Kelly, 519-776-6483, ext. 225.

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