Membership is free and by joining Ensemble, you will be added to our email list, instantly connecting you with others who truly understand how you are feeling. Ensemble will connect you to each other through our Parent to Parent Connections and connect you to the community via email notifications about new resources and events posted on our website. You will also have the option of receiving Ensemble’s Connection, a quarterly email that shares inspiring stories, tips, and other current news and events about people with disabilities.


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Parent to Parent Connections

Ensemble provides individual support when you need to talk to someone who understands.  Individual support is available by email, telephone, or in person.  Parents can request a parent to parent connection which will connect them to other parents who have experience with a particular diagnosis or situation.  Our parents come from a variety of backgrounds so we have an extensive knowledge base and a wide variety of life experiences, so please don’t hesitate to ask for what you need!

Friendship Connections

Ensemble can foster social and friendship connections for people with disabilities who share similar interests.  Families and support workers can contact Ensemble to request a friendship connection.

Parent Empowerment

Ensemble offers a variety of resources to empower and educate parents about topics relevant to people with disabilities such as life transitions, education, employment, supports and services, future care planning, and community involvement.

Community Connections

Ensemble needs the help and support of individuals and organizations outside of the developmental disability sector to realize our mission, vision, and to support our initiatives.

Ensemble invites individuals and organizations that would like to support us by joining our Ensemble Community Connections email list.  Occasionally, we ask our community connections to show their support for people with developmental disabilities through email initiatives to local community leaders and organizations, and to government. Together, we can build a welcoming and supportive community for everyone.

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