A Guide to Guardianship for Adults with a Developmental Disability

Current guardianship brochures are usually geared toward people who have the capacity to make decisions, plan for the future, or plan for a time when they may lose capacity due to aging or an accident. However, it is different for families who are caring for their adult children that have developmental disabilities because their children have never had the capacity to make personal care and financial decisions.  Ensemble partnered with Pro Bono Law Students Canada to develop this guide to assist families in planning the future care of their adult children.

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Personal Profile of Your Child

A personal profile about your child is a useful tool to utilize when introducing your child to new people and new situations. For example, you can utilize this profile to introduce your child to new school staff, recreational staff, medical staff, and support workers. It will help people in getting to know your child better while also helping to reduce parents’ worries and concerns.It is best to use a word document so that you can update the information as needed. We have included a list of suggestions for the profile, but please modify as needed.  Ensemble invites you to email us with suggestions to improve this profile.