Group Hug Apparel – Walking with Friends

April 15, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Lakeside Park (meet outside at under the outside pavilion)
270 Division Street South
Andrew wanted to start a Walking With Friends club in his home town. He has been trying to stay active not only for his personal health but to keep socially active as well. This is very important to Andrew and our family.

We will be posting dates that he will be walking at Lakeside Park in Kingsville here. We may even occassionally post a different location in advance so we can meet other friends who are walking or want to join his club but cannot make it out ot Kingsville. If you can join him, he would love to see you. If you go at a different time, that's ok too. It's all about getting out, staying active and socializing with others.

Andrew maynot be able to attend every walk but that doesn't mean that his friends have to miss out. It's free to do, it's so beneficial for you health, your mind and soul as well as your social life.

Feel free to share your pictures here with your walking buddies. We would love to see them just in case we miss seeing you on our walks.

Things to remember from Andrew:
Wear comfortable clothing (his Group Hug Apparel shirts are pretty cool to wear), be prepared for the weather, drink plenty of water and most importantly is to smile and have fun because a posititve perspective on life is everything. I was born with Down syndrome but that doesn't define who I am or stop me from living life tot the fullest.

Enjoy your walk.

♥ ~ Andrew


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