Carrousel of the Nations – Week 2

June 23, 2017 all-day
various, see details below


June 23rd, 2017 to June 25th, 2017

Caribbean Village
Address: 2410 Central Avenue
June 24th - 6pm to 1am
June 25th - 1pm to 1am
June 26th - 1pm to 10pm

Bavarian Village
Address: 1367 Drouillard Road
June 24th – 4pm to 12am
June 25th – 4pm to 12am

Chinese Village
Address: 1420 Tecumseh Road East
June 25th – 11am to 7pm
June 26 – 11am to 7pm

Greek Village
Address: 65 Ellis Street East
June 24th - 11am to 1am
June 25th - 11am to 1am
June 26th - 12noon to 11pm

Scottish Village
Address: 1340 Tecumseh Road East
June 24th - 5pm to 12 am
June 25th - 1pm to 12 am

Serbian Village St. Dimitrije
Address: 2690 Seminole Street
June 24th - 4pm to 1am
June 25th - 12pm to 1am
June 26th - 12pm to 6pm

Italian Village
Address: Eire Street
June 24th - 5pm to 1am
June 25th – 5pm to 1am
June 26th – 1pm to 11pm

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