Ensemble & Pro Bono Law Students Canada Project Partnership

In response to the many calls Ensemble receives from families and professionals regarding guardianship, we have partnered with the Pro Bono Law Students of Canada, University of Windsor Chapter to work on a project to help clarify substitute decision making and guardianship law.

In a climate of chronic under funding in the disability sector, families face difficulties obtaining assistance with guardianship since families lack financial resources.  This is compounded by the fact that this area of legal practice is outside the scope of traditional community legal aid clinics and also does not fall under the scope and mandate of ARCH Disability Law Centre which provides a range of legal services in Ontario for people with disabilities.

While Ensemble supports the rights of people with developmental disabilities to make their own decisions, we also recognize that in certain circumstances people with developmental disabilities may be incapable of making their own decisions. In those particular situations, guardianship can assist in protecting individual’s rights. The purpose of this project will be to offer information and clarity about guardianship so that families can make informed decisions about what is in the best interests of their loved ones.

The Law Commission of Ontario is undertaking a major review of Ontario’s substitute decision making and guardianship law and is seeking input from families.  The Law Commission of Ontario is an independent organization that studies the law and makes recommendations to the government about how to make laws fairer, more effective, and easier to use.

The Law Commission has designed two questionnaires, one for people who receive assistance with decisions and one designed for people who help another person make decisions or who make decisions on behalf of another person.

It is important that the Law Commission hear from the community on this important issue, including people who need assistance with decisions. Responses are confidential and personal information will not be shared.

Families can complete paper copies at mail to the Law Commission, complete online and email back, or complete the entire survey online using the links below.

Ensemble is encouraging families to participate in these surveys available online:

1) Questionnaire for persons who receive assistance with decisions


 2) Questionnaire for persons who help another person make decisions or who makes decisions on behalf of another person



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