Effective Education Advocacy and Inclusive Education Video Series from Ensemble

Ensemble and Arch Disability Law Centre (http://www.archdisabilitylaw.ca/ ), hosted a 3-part webinar series on Effective Education Advocacy and Inclusive Education between January and March of 2018 which was funded from a grant from Community Living Ontario.  Arch Disability Law Centre lawyer, Luke Reid, provided a wealth of information to families over the course of the 3-part webinar series.   Ensemble has the webinars posted on our YouTube Channel  , and the webinars are linked below.

Webinar 1 - Understanding and Navigating the Education System and Inclusive Education


In this first webinar, Luke Reid, outlines the relevant legislation regarding inclusive education, as well as explaining terminology associated with inclusive education and outlines the processes to follow when dealing with complaints regarding inclusive education.


Webinar 2 - Understanding Accommodation, Exclusion, Suspension and Expulsion


In this second webinar, Luke Reid, explains the difference between accommodation , exclusion, suspension and expulsion.   In this webinar, Luke also explains the steps to take when your family member is experiencing exclusion, suspension or expulsion.


Webinar 3 - Effective Education Advocacy

In this third webinar, Luke Reid,  outlines the steps to effective education advocacy for your family member.


The power point slides are available upon request from Kelly Runnalls at the Ensemble office at ensemble@communitylivingessex.org.


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